58 minutes | 6 Episodes
Drama | R

Jordan is abruptly moved from the bright lights and big city of Atlanta, Ga to a small, country town called, Waynesboro, Ga.  Through his journey through back roads and dirt paths, Jordan quickly learns that life in the country isn’t quite what he thought it would be.  Through his friendship with three local teens, Jordan quickly learns what country really is like and how Country Boys get down.  This high drama, action- crime film will give you a different view of the country and the boys that run the streets there.

Season 1 | 6 Episodes
Drama | R

An original spin-off from the hit film Country Boys with a slight twist. Tony states his claim in the
game as he gives Mayor Carver and Sheriff Lynch their final warnings. When it’s all said and done, them Country Boys reign supreme. Devin suffers a tragic accident while Mrs. Carver finds herself no longer needed.


Cast & Crew Members

Jermaine Williams, Hotel Drug Dealer, Writer, Producer, Director

Johnt'a Mitchell, Devin

Reggie Freeman, Coach Johnson

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